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Life at 4241: Living in the Killington Valley

This monthly podcast describes the lifestyle of the Killington Valley in Central Vermont. Touching upon events, recreation, trends and other topic pertaining to the lifestyle we enjoy.

Killington Pico Area Association's Executive Director Michael Coppinger hosts this series and brings in diverse voices to highlight the region.

May 17, 2019

Rich McCoy, Director of Summer Operations at Killington Resort and Amy Alton, Pro Rider and founder of Divas of Dirt, joined Executive Director Michael Coppinger to discuss the varied ways they reach out to the surprisingly diverse population of bikers out there – from brand new riders who attend Mountain Bike School – to the Divas of Dirt – to Bike Bums that complete weekly time trails then enjoy après at bar.  

Up 34,000 visitors from 6 years ago, the Bike Park is the largest growing segment of summer operations at Killington Resort.